Monday, December 30, 2013

And suddenly, we are where we are.

When did winter arrive?  When did it suddenly become the Christmas season?  And how did Christmas come and go already?  In the blink of an eye and it's all over.

The last thing I remember is admiring the lovely autumn leaves and making promises of getting ahead on an endless To Do List.  Two months later and we have celebrated Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now we are already five days past Christmas.  Seriously, are the clocks on fast forward?  Did I wake up from a drunken stupor that caused the last two months to feel like two weeks?

We decorated, shopped, baked (yes, I actually did something constructive in the kitchen), had a few winter storms, and checked off about a quarter of the things from the grand list of things to do.  Hey, some is better than none.  Celebrate the small things.  And let's face it, the To Do's will never end.  Honestly, about 90% of the things on that list are probably not that important anyway.  

The most significant thing that happened during these past weeks was the passing of our dear friend.  He was an amazing young man who spent the last two years of his life fighting and demonstrating more strength and character than anyone I have ever known in my life.  He was only 29 years old, yet even a man who lived for 99 years could learn from his example of how to live and how to love.  Talk about a person who loved life and loved others.  He was a great man and everyone who knew him loved him.  Our world certainly lost an amazing and wonderful soul.  In the words of my husband, "If we all lived our lives the way B did, this world would be one amazing place."    

In honor of our friend, this is my "To Do" list for 2014...

Smile and laugh more
Worry and complain less
Find humor in the things that drive me crazy
Send love... even to those I may not "love"
Have compassion
Have gratitude
Be patient 
Be kind
Accept what is
Learn from my mistakes
Think fondly of my past
Be hopeful for my future
Be present and be thankful for the moment I have right now.

Thank you, my dear friend, for showing us the things that are truly important.

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