Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday, P!

 I am not sure that P has ever really won an argument with me.  I'm quite certain that he has never gotten the last word.  I am the queen of getting the last word.

Well friends, that all changed last weekend.  P and I were celebrating his birthday by drinking some wine (of course, we were - why wouldn't we?).  We were starting to make dinner and P was being a little silly and a little annoying (his trademark behaviors, by the way).  I can't even remember what exactly we were arguing about, but I think it had something to do with water.  Yes, we actually can argue about absolutely anything (or absolutely nothing, depending on how you look at it).  Give us any topic - I dare you - and I am confident we will find a way to be on opposing sides.  And if you think your topic is not debatable, well ha!  You definitely underestimate us.

Anyway, on Saturday night, P said and/or did something that was totally off the wall (as usual) and I made the mistake of trying to provide a rationale explanation for why he just wasn't correct.  P looked at me and said, "Hey, at least you live in America."  And I...had nothing.  I mean, how do you argue that point without sounding like a complete a-hole?  I mean he's right, I do live in America.  All I could do was look at him, stunned.  I had no comeback. 

And that is how, after 11 years, P won his first argument with me.  But I didn't even feel that bad about it.  Come on now, how could I feel bad?  It was P's birthday.  And hey, at least I live in America.

Yes, that's a mocha with an extra shot.  Our mutual love for coffee and chocolate is what keeps our marriage strong (and come to think of it, all that caffeine might have something to do with our quarrelsome ways).

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