Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Special

Today was a special Sunday indeed.

P and I celebrated our anniversary today.  Even though our anniversary was on Tuesday, we decided to have our dinner when we had the time to enjoy it.  The week days are like a rat race!  Today was all about relaxation and being together and so we couldn't have picked a better day. 

We made a late lunch and ate outside on this gorgeous October day.  We treated ourselves to fresh Alaskan King Crab Legs (which was a serious treat), salad, and wine (of course!).  Truth be told, the crab legs were our anniversary gift.  We aren't much gift givers, which works for me because I am terrible at giving gifts.  Not because I am greedy (I swear, I am anything but greedy), but because I am not very creative.  P and I are all about celebrating by eating delicious food and drinking good wine.

Today was a good celebration.  

And then, after dinner, one of my sweet fur-babies snuggled with me.

And you want to hear the best part about today?  All of the hand soap bottles in the house were full!  Boy, if P only knew how easy it really is to make me happy, we would probably be millionaires.